Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is dent-resistant and virtually unaffected by harsh weather. Since the colour goes all the way through each panel, vinyl products don't show scratches, chips, or peel like painted surfaces, which eliminates maintenance time.

The HOME TEAM® offers a huge spectrum of colours: from pastels to natural tones, deep or bright colours, and dark, rich hues. Vinyl sidings offer superior colour retention and protection from the elements. Panels are also safeguarded from fading in the sun. Choosing insulated vinyl siding will reduce your energy costs due to the exceptional R-value of its thermal barrier. 

Soffit, fascia, flat stock, eavestrough and accessories are available in a wide variety of matching or complimentary colours allowing you to get the colour scheme you want, all at one place.

  • Soffit is available in 2 or 4 panel, vented or non-vented.
  • Fascia is available in 6” or 8” ribbed or smooth.
  • 5” eavestrough and accessories.
  • 24” 100’ foot rolls of flatstock available.


  • Simple upkeep.
  • Low maintenance finish.
  • Great variety of colours and grains.
  • 3 different price points.
  • Gentek siding features the Alu-Rex eavestrough gutter guard to keep leaves and debris out!