Learning Centre

Retractable Screen Door Installation

Installing the track, frame and retractable door is quick and easy with the right experience and the right tools.

Retrofit Window Installation

Replacing a window in an older house can be a challenge. In this video our installer replaces a window and trim with precision.

Entry Door Replacement Installation

Exact measurements, precise tools and clean workmanship make for an expert entry door installation.

Cut In Window Installation

Adding a new window? Watch our installer create a new frame in an existing wall to support a beautiful new window.

Motorized Retractable Awning Installation

A team effort makes for quick work on this motorized retractable awning installed over a garage door.

Three Season Sunroom Installation

Precise measurements, sealing and assembling make this three season sunroom weather proof all year.

Vinyl Siding Installation

Ever wonder how our installers make your siding look flawless? It starts with a proper vapour barrier and finishes with detailed trim work.

Frame Removal Window

Watch our expert installer remove a window frame without damaging the surrounding walls, inside or out.

Storm Door Installation

Protect your entryway from the elements with a storm door installed perfectly by the Home Team®.

Manual Awning Installation

A manual awning is carefully installed onto soffit and fascia over existing windows.