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Fiberglass Smooth Door from Mastergrain

When picking a front door for your house, or any door for that matter, there are some key items to consider. Today’s technology has provided us with many different styles and designs to choose from, as well as material options to suit your needs and budget.

Most replacement doors are steel slabs with wood frames covered with vinyl cladding; they are cost effective, energy efficient and virtually maintenance free. The newest option is fiberglass slabs which give an authentic wood look and can be stained any shade. Our doors can be factory finished with paint or stain and offer a manufacturer’s warranty on the finish. Glass options for doors are almost endless.


Hardware is also an important decision and many options are available with HOME TEAM® doors. Multi-point hardware provides three locking points that provide the best security for your family, and is recommended for all fiberglass doors and 8′ high steel doors.

Thank you very much for the excellent job on our doors and windows, Ben. Dan did a fantastic job! We are very impressed.
— Elizabeth Chen
Steel Door from LePage Millwork

Steel Doors

Steel doors have a smooth, white finish that can be painted to match any décor. They have high-definition embossments that create shadow lines and provide curb appeal. Steel doors offer exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and low maintenance. Well known for their superior insulation value and strength, steel doors will protect your home against extreme weather.

  • Available in single or double
  • Smooth, white finish that can be painted to match any décor
  • Provides great strength and acts as a deterrent to theft
  • High-definition embossments that create shadow lines and provide curb appeal
  • Offers superior insulation values
Fiberglass Smooth Door from Mastergrain

Fiberglass Smooth Doors

Fiberglass smooth doors provide a dent resistant alternative to steel doors, with high insulation value. They offer a smooth finish and great architectural detailing options. Our exterior door models come in contemporary and traditional styles, offering infinite entrance design possibilities and integration into various architectural concepts.

  • Available in single and double, in a smooth and paintable finish
  • Provide a durable alternative to steel doors with the same insulation value
  • A solid polyurethane foam core with five times the insulating value or a wood door
  • Encompass architectural detailing with high-definition embossments
Fiberglass Textured Door from Mastergrain

Fiberglass Textured Doors

Fiberglass textured doors provide the beauty of wood-grain textures with superior performance. They’re available in a wide variety of styles and are extremely low maintenance. Our fiberglass exterior door models come in both contemporary and traditional styles, offering infinite entrance design possibilities and doors that integrate into various architectural concepts.

  • Available in single and double
  • Provide the beauty of wood with superior performance
  • Feature exceptional wood-grain textures that create an authentic wood look
  • Value price compared to premium wood doors, while still offering the advantages of fiberglass
  • Stainable and low maintenance
Doorlites from Mastergrain


Whether for function or flair, you will find what you’re looking for in the vast array of doorlite options. From decorative and beveled glass to a wide variety of internal gill styles and colours.

  • Decorative, beveled glass, wrought iron, etched glass, internal mini-blinds, vents, clear glass
  • Styles to suit every budget and aesthetic
Transoms and sidelight doors from MDL Doors

Sidelights & Transoms

Creating the perfect entrance system for your home is a journey that begins by selecting a door with sidelines or transoms in a combination that will best suit your home’s architectural style, and your own unique taste.

  • Allow more natural light into your home
  • Rectangular, extended segmental, elliptical, half round transoms and sidelights
  • Doors can be inswing or outswing
  • Sidelights can be fixed, venting or operating like a double door
Life and Slide Patio Door from LePage Millwork

Patio Doors

Patio door provide great lighting, security, and energy efficiency throughout all four seasons. The HOME TEAM® sells and installs a large variety of patio doors in a number of stock and special order sizes. Whether it’s a bi-folding custom sized door or a sliding door, we provide secure and energy efficient patio doors.

  • Screen design eliminates bending
  • Wide range of grills and energy-smart options
  • 2-, 3-, and 4-panel custom patio doors available
  • Operational and fixed panel options
  • Glass, grill and brickmould options are available on all Ostaco patio doors
  • CSA and Energy Star certified
  • Steel reinforcement and insulated glass available on Euro Vinyl doors
  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum screen frame
Retractable Screen Door

Retractable Screens

Single or double retractable screens are available for any size door (existing or new) that are custom fit and installed. Retractable screens disappear from sight when not in use. Double doors, which are particularly difficult to screen, are easily protected with double screens, increasing airflow into the home through both sides of the doorway while keeping insects out. Screens are also available for open sitting areas or outdoor kitchens.

  • Available in nine designer colours
  • Low profile screen housing blends with existing door frame
  • Motorized retractable screens are also available to close in larger areas such as garage doors, patios and covered porches
  • Options available for oversized applications
Storm Door

Storm Doors

Storm doors are available with plenty of options based on your preference. Whether you’re looking for security or a retractable screen, we have the perfect door for you. Protective and strong, storm doors can help prevent drafts and energy loss at your entry. They also allow for ventilation when you want to enjoy a refreshing breeze.

  • Full view, partial view, decorative glass
  • Retractable screens available
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Broad range of hardware options
  • Broad range of colour options