The siding and soffit of your home play an integral role in protecting it from the elements and improving the look and beauty of your home. Siding comes in a variety of styles and substrates such as solid wood, wood composite, vinyl, fibre cement, and aluminum. In this blog, we’re going to talk about the benefits and advantages of using aluminum siding and soffits, specifically Longboard® Cladding.

If it’s time to replace or re-do the siding of your home or business, and you’re looking for the richness of natural wood without the burden of regular maintenance, then take a look at Longboard® Cladding. Longboard® is manufactured with architectural grade, anodized aluminum that has a high performance powder coat finish; making it one of most durable exterior siding products on the market.  Homeowners, builders and commercial contractors are now using Longboard® on a wide variety of projects. The great thing about Longboard is it can be used as a siding application, a soffit system, or a privacy fence.  Besides being durable and maintenance free, another advantage of Longboard® Cladding is the lengths the siding planks come in. You can cover an entire wall, up to 24 feet in length, without having any joins or transition trims. Plus, you can have the natural looking beauty of over 20 wood grain species and more than 60 solid colour options. It not only looks amazing, is durable and maintenance free, but Longboard® Cladding will help in safeguarding your house from rodents and pests. All and all if you’re looking for an everlasting, maintenance free wood siding product Longboard®  is the only choice on the market. To better understand the beauty and quality of Longboard® Cladding, visit one of our village-style showrooms and inspect the siding close-up. Touch it, see it installed and let one of our Home Team experts help you make the choice of siding that is best for your needs.